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Differential Pressure Decay Leak Tester

A highly sensitive, budget-friendly leak tester that helps you reduce product deviations or recall issues through early identification of leaks.

Differential Pressure Decay Leak Tester

Uson’s Model 628 differential pressure decay leak tester is a compact, reliable, and accurate instrument that is ideal as a budget-friendly benchtop option for a wide range of industries. The 628 leak tester incorporates an intelligently designed multi-language user interface, with the capability to collect and transmit a vast amount of data, for offline trend analysis and a deep level of insight.

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Dimpler Grinder

Dimpler Grinder – fast and reliable mechanical method of pre-thinning to near electron transparency to greatly reduce your ion milling times and uneven thinning.


– Pre-thin to near electron transparency (in some cases to electron transparency) to greatly reduce ion milling times and uneven thinning
– Produce quality transmission electron microscope (TEM) specimens that have a large central area only a few microns thick surrounded by a robust outer rim to eliminate special handling techniques for fragile specimens
– Create an exceptionally smooth surface to reduce surface irregularities developing in the final ion beam thinning operation, while increasing the yield of the electron transparent area
– Attain accurate depth and thickness adjustment control to within 1 µm using analog dial indicator
– Intuitive setup and operation—lower the grinding wheel, adjust the micrometer to the desired final thickness, then begin dimpling

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Multifunctional Hand Torch

Multifunkční ruční svítilna, Multifunctional Hand Torch

Guard Trooper is a multifunctional hand torch. It is a unique device especially developed for the Police, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces. It combines HD Cam with high efficient LED and two secondary LED’s Red and UV LED 365nm wavelength (optional IR, Green, Blue).


The Precision Ion Polishing System II (PIPS™II) is a revolutionary enhancement of the PIPS™ Ion Mill System which has defined the standard for TEM sample preparation for 20 years.

The PIPS™II incorporates the patented Whisperlok® with the X,Y positioning stage for precise centering of the milling target. The PIPS™II incorporates a 10 inch touch screen for ease of use and increased control and reproducibility of the milling process.

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Idea and realization of the National price of the student design 2008-2013:
2013 – materiál papír
2012 – materiál porcelán
2011 – materiál sklo
2010 – materiál silon
2009 – material leštěná nerez ocel
2008 – materiál LG HI-MACS

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